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YourVerse apps are designed to streamline your marketing activities, organize your digital assets, and empower you to focus on the most important parts of your day. Our subscription includes a suite of apps that provide comprehensive solutions to enhance your marketing efforts. These apps are scheduled to come to YourVerse throughout 2023, so keep your eye on your portal for when new features debut.

Email Builder Watch Video

Create and automate personalized promotional emails for major events and holidays.

Landing Page Builder

Create custom landing pages that capture leads and export them to an Excel or directly to your email list.

Marketing Automation Builder

Set up email automation conditions and deploy drip campaigns.

Digital Signage Builder

Upload videos and create playlists for media player to display on all your big screens.

Content Builder

Customize existing flyers for upcoming promotions, or upload pictures and generate new, print-ready PDFs.

PowerPoint Builder

Enter your talking points and get a professional presentation with automated formatting and AI generated content.

Product 360 Builder

Create 3D computer generated product images with a full 360-degree view.

Gamification Builder

Setup training quizzes and create a gamification campaign using pre-built games and themes.

Technical Document Builder

Make support documentation from a variety of templates that are easy to modify and export as PDFs.

Microsite Builder

Build a branded microsite hosted on YourVerse to support upcoming campaigns.

Businesscard Builder

Create quick, print-ready business cards with high-quality professional designs and your own custom branding.

Large File Sharing

Share large files directly from our site with up to 10GB in file size.

Event Registration Builder

Create a custom landing page for live events with built-in attendee registration.

Prospect Builder

Embed a tracking script into your site that tells you which orgs visited your site and who you should contact.

URL Shortener

Transform long and unwieldly links into short, manageable, and memorable urls.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes quickly and easily for use with print and digital collaterals.

SMS Builder

Help develop your customer relationships with targeted, automated SMS campaigns.

Video Transcription

Add accessibility and value to your videos with high quality subtitles and transcripts.

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website with automated testing and notifications alerting you to when your site is down.

Partner Portal

Our centralized partner platform helps you recruit and manage reseller partners and grow your indirect channel.

Prize Builder

Set and manage available prizes for all your promotional giveaways.

Rewards Builder

Let customers redeem earned rewards and manage prize inventory and distribution.

Calendar Builder

Plan upcoming projects and promote collaboration with a flexible and sharable marketing calendar app.

Image Gallery Builder

Upload multiple images and display them as a browsable gallery with view tracking and exportable QR codes.

Course Builder

Build custom lessons and quizzes to test your team members and develop their knowledge of your products and practices.

Merge PDF Files

Combine multiple PDF files into a single, cohesive document with our simple and user-friendly merger app.

CRM Builder

Collect, store, and analyze your lead and customer data to better manage your business relationships and grow your customer engagement.

Social Media Post Builder

Preview completed marketing content for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, or other platforms, and grant posting approvals for your social media team.

SEO Builder

Receive custom keyword suggestions and other SEO recommendations for improving the searchability of your websites and landing pages.

Media Library

Effortlessly upload, store, and host assets and images in various formats, including pdf and zip files, for use with your websites, blog posts and other online projects.



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